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Local & Long Distance

Frye's specializes in long distance moving in which we guarantee dates of pickup, and delivery by using exclusive use of truck policy.

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Packing & Loading

Don't strain yourself. We can help you pack and / or load up your truck. Our movers are friendly, professional, and knowledgable.

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Overnight Storage

If you're a resident on the move, it's likely you'll need a place to store some of your things while you're getting settled.

Moving Services

Man and woman packing item in bubble wrap.

Apartment Moving

If your apartment is several floors up, or if you live in a high-traffic building, there are challenges to moving apartments – all challenges that Frye's Moving Company is prepared to face.

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Commercial Moving

Having worked in this industry for years, our team is confident we’re the best movers in the area. We have completed moves big and small and are proud to specialize in business moving.

Electric drill and hardware on wooden table.

Furniture Assembly

Whether you are hoping to pack up and reassemble your existing furniture or if you want to set up brand-new products, our team can accommodate you.

Man gripping sofa arm, visible hand veins.

Home Moving

Homeowners have different sets of needs & expectations when planning and executing their move. At Frye's Moving Company, it’s our job to understand your unique priorities and provide you with personalized service you can count on.

Modern home living room staging

Home Staging

Not only are our stagers talented, but we know what buyers in this unique market are looking for and what other homes in the area have to offer. It’s our job to help your property compete, which we will work to accomplish.

Modern warehouse interior with rows of shelves and boxes.

Industrial Movers

Not only do we have the strength and training to handle and carry heavy equipment, but we have the vehicles to safely transport it from one location to the next - local or long distance.

Hand sealing cardboard box with adhesive tape.

Local Movers

Our experts are strong, capable, friendly, and reliable. We will use nothing but the utmost care and respect when handling your valuables and working in your private or commercial space.

Advanced medical imaging equipment in hospital room.

Medical Equipment

Frye's Moving Company is very proud to be one of the few moving companies in the local area specializing in transporting medical equipment such as CT Scanners, MRI Machines, & so much more.

Worker carrying wrapped furniture down stairs.


There are many tasks that go into your moving day than simply moving boxes. Packing, organizing, furniture assembly, and set-up are all a part of the transition, and our team is happy to help with all of it.

Modern office interior with desks and rolling chairs.

Office Movers

When the time comes to relocate a company from one office to another, who do the efficiency-seeking professionals look to for help? They look to Frye's Moving with good reason - we eliminate stress & replace with simplicity,

Stacked cardboard boxes with adhesive labels.

Packing Services

Almost everyone we work with requests our packing services, and it is easy to see why. When you rely on our packing services, you free yourself from having to worry about the most time-consuming part of moving.

Glossy black digital piano with floral arrangement.

Piano Movers

Needless to say, these heavy-duty and valuable acoustic instruments require the attention of professional movers. It isn’t enough for a team of movers to be strong—they also need to know how to specifically handle pianos.