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Moving house. Even reading the word on your screen just sent a shiver down your spine. While relocating to a new town or city is always an exciting adventure, most of us wish we could skip all the work that comes along with it. Unfortunately, you can’t get something for nothing, and all the perks of moving to Haddonfield are balanced by the stresses that moving can bring.

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If you’re dealing with all the stress and hassle that moving entails, you want a reliable moving company you can depend on. Frye's Moving Company is a family-run business that makes customer satisfaction the heart of our mission.

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Is there anything more stressful than moving across the country into a new home? Yes. It’s moving across the city into a new home.

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We’ll do all the lifting so that you can deal with the actual stress of the move itself. Our expert movers are diligent with their work. They’ll take care of your fragile belongings and pack delicate things with care. They are fast, efficient, friendly, and polite too!