Frye's Moving Company is proud to be a residential moving company with a long history of success—both near and far. Moving into a new home can be very exciting, but it also involves a lot of work that can be stressful. That being said, our hardworking team of movers will be glad to take some of the stress out of the process.

If you have any questions about your upcoming residential move and how our team can be of service, we invite you to get in touch with us at (856) 854-4261.

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Residential Moving Quotes You Can Trust

Before you commit to hiring our company for your upcoming move, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss the details. We believe in providing our potential clients with honest and accurate expectations so that they can make the right decision for their situation. It is always smart to start planning your move well in advance, which is why we are happy to offer upfront quotes for our residential clients whenever they need them.

Local Residential Movers with a Strong Reputation

With countless successful movers under our belts, Frye's Moving Company is a name you can trust when you need help moving to your new home. No matter where you are headed, you can feel confident that all of your belongings will arrive safely and on time. We put our full effort into every job, which is highlighted by our reputation in the local area and many positive testimonials.

Moving all of your valuable and cherished belongings is a big responsibility, which is why we recommend hiring a well-established moving company such as ours. Our crew has the training, dedication, and equipment required to ensure a successful moving process. We can assist as much or as little as you need to ensure that your residential move goes according to plan.

24/7 Residential Moving Services

Here at Frye's Moving Company, we understand that all of our clients have different needs when it comes to their moving process, which is why we strive to accommodate them as much as possible. One of the ways in which we go the extra mile for our customers is by offering our services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Whether you have a hectic schedule or just need to be out of your current home on a particular date, you can rest assured that we will have an opening in our schedule that meets your needs. If you have a time frame for your move in mind, we encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to reserve your booking.

Residential Moving and Storage Solutions

On top of our professional moving services, we are also pleased to offer convenient storage services for all of our residential clients. If you have a wait time between your move-out and move-in date, we will gladly help store your belongings in our secure storage facility. Everything will be kept safe and organized until you are ready for them to be transported to your new home.


Moving house. Even reading the word on your screen just sent a shiver down your spine. While relocating to a new town or city is always an exciting adventure, most of us wish we could skip all the work that comes along with it. Unfortunately, you can’t get something for nothing, and all the perks of moving to Haddonfield are balanced by the stresses that moving can bring.

Well, we at Frye's Moving Company have been helping Haddonfield residents with moving for many years as the top residential movers in the area. So we’ve prepared this little list to help you keep your eye on the ball as you begin this stressful process!


There’s no ‘right’ way to pack, but in our job as residential movers, we’ve seen a lot of the ‘wrong’ ways to pack up your things!

The difference between a smooth move and a stressful one is often just time. We cannot stress enough the importance of leaving yourself adequate time to find boxes or bins or whatever you plan to put your things into.

Local grocery and liquor stores are often a safe bet to obtain boxes for free. But you can’t just shove your stuff in and hope for the best. Anything delicate must be wrapped up with tape and secured with packing peanuts or other insulating materials. Trying to find all of this stuff the day before is sure to lead to disaster—but hey, that’s what Frye's Moving Company’s packing services are for!


If everything is going from point A to point B, what could go wrong? Well, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the answer. Things get damaged and boxes are misplaced by amateur and DIY movers all the time. Without a cohesive list of everything you’ve packed, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you own.

When you partner with a trusted local moving company like Frye's Moving Company, you’ll be provided forms to fill out with a list of your belongings. That makes everyone’s job easier.


It happens to everybody once in a while. In the excitement of moving to a new home or apartment, you dream of fitting Grandma’s heirloom couch into the living room, without measuring the doors first. When you arrive, it’s clear that not everything is fitting into your new place in one piece.

For when the square footage isn’t enough to hold your life, we provide moving and storage service. You know, just in case you need it.


Listen, we know moving is hard and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Let us handle your packing services and other moving services for jobs big or small. We’re Haddonfield’s best residential movers for many years running, and we’d love the chance to prove to you how easy and uncomplicated moving house can be.

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