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Read This Before Your Local Move in Cherry Hill, NJ

Is there anything more stressful than moving across the country into a new home?


It’s moving across the city into a new home.

I can hear you saying now, what? That doesn’t make any sense.

But it’s true.

Going into a cross-country or interstate move, you know exactly what’s ahead of you. Only the brave and the foolhardy attempt to pull off a long-distance move DIY-style and last-minute.

The vast majority of people calmly get rid of 85% of their stuff, hire a moving company to come and pack for them, and call it a day. Then they fly to their destination. All is well, right?

Listen, I’ve been in the moving business for a long time.

This scenario never happens when people are moving locally. When somebody wants to move from one house in Cherry Hill to another, they think: hey, how bad could it be? I’ve done this a million times.

So they wait until the day before they’re due to get the keys to the new place to book a moving van. Then they’re surprised when the rental company is totally booked. And they realize they need to be out of their current apartment in under 24 hours and haven’t even started.

The result? Total and utter panic. We’re talking about ‘the sky is melting’ levels of panic. Cortisol levels through the roof. People who smoke, smoke twice as much. People who quit smoking start back up again.

Even the well-adjusted local hippie types need to fit in an extra meditation session before they can return to reality and start packing. If they had the good foresight to buy packing boxes and made sure they had packing tape. Otherwise it’s a trip to the local hardware store. Maybe several.

Usually, at this point, our poor beleaguered mover will try to find a moving company to do their work for them. But they’re booked too—the good ones are, well in advance—leaving only predatory companies from out of town who have massive minimum rates and often lowball a figure that tends to triple once they have all your stuff in the van.

If our mover has a car, they take what they can over—which isn’t much in a two-door sedan.

They leave a huge mess at the property—the bookshelves they couldn’t fit, the refrigerator they bought just last year but can’t carry—and then hire one of these predatory companies to take the rest.

The end result of all this? Half their stuff is lost, a $2,000 moving bill for 45 minutes of driving, and a spike in blood pressure that’ll take three months to resolve.

Does this sound like a nightmare scenario to you?

Well, it happens in Cherry Hill every day around the first of the month. We see it year-round.

Want to know how to avoid this? Call Frye's Moving Company—well in advance of your moving date.

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